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I was born in Ukraine and studied in Sweden. I had lots of rail adventures before joining the team. I'm still impressed by how a student ID can make things easier when backpacking in Europe!

I'm 24 and have lived in Paris, Montpellier, Cardiff and a few other European cities. Being a European student inspired my desire to travel. I was eager to visit Scandinavian countries so I took the Scandinavian pass found on and discovered the real Scandinavian way of life.

I'm a 22 year-old student from Berlin (the capital of Germany). Growing up in a city situated in the heart of Europe I discovered train travel was the quickest, most comfortable and most exciting way to see Europe. Being young and traveling around, one of my priorities has always been flexibility. Staying somewhere for a couple more days or leaving earlier at my convenience is a benefit that you can enjoy with a Eurail Select Pass found on!

I'm from Brittany, one of France's most famous tourist areas. I've also lived in Paris and Dublin for a few years. When traveling to Europe you have to be able to change places very easily and get to the heart of the cities you want to visit, that's how you make the best out of your trip! staff, from left to right,
interns Annaig, Olenka, Laura and Nicolas was created for students, by students.

Our aim is to provide student travelers throughout the universe, with practical information on visiting and traveling through Europe.

Many of our staff members have lived or studied in Europe and this makes it easy for us to give advice on places to go and things to see. We all agree that traveling by train is the most affordable way to go being a student.

We hope that this site gives student travelers the insight and guidance needed when planning an overseas trip. Whether backpacking and staying in hostels, or taking a more pampered approach to your travels, this site will provide the best options for students and their wallets.

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