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How to beat the system

It's a well-know fact that students throughout the universe look for free stuff! It doesn't matter if you're backpacking your way across Europe or taking a scholastic approach to seeing London, students love to find the best deals and come up with ways to beat the system. Let us help!

Here's our list of things students can do while traveling to help save time and money!

Travel on overnight trains
Using a railpass to travel through Europe? Did you know that most passes observe the 7pm rule? This rule states that if you board an overnight train after 7pm and travel without changing trains to your destination, you only enter the day of arrival on your pass. So instead of taking up two days on your pass, you just use one!

Convert now or later?
Most of Europe now uses the Euro as currency. You will need to change some money to Euros in order to shop, eat and make purchases while traveling. Don't get stuck paying inflated transaction fees found in airports, hotels and currency exchange outlets found throughout Europe.

"Bring me back a present"
Famous last words of family and friends as you walk out the door right? Well, lets be honest, souvenirs get expensive and if you're backpacking through Europe, room is scarce in your bag! In the age of digital photography, souvenirs are just a snapshot away. As you travel through Europe, take a bunch of nice pictures. When you get home, visit your local craft or department store for some blank t-shirts and iron-on transfer paper and create your own shirt! Not that crafty?

We have an alternate solution, simply register yourself with Kodak's EasyShare Gallery and upload your photos. Then you can choose from hundreds of things from postcards to puzzles!

Itinerary vs. your railpass
To avoid having to pay any additional supplements or fines on the train, double-check that the route you are traveling on is covered by your railpass. Obviously for students traveling in a single country, no worries! However, when crossing borders into another country you need to be sure that the country you are entering appears on your pass.

Summer Travel?
For students planning on traveling over the summer, it's a good idea to check with some Universities in Europe for boarding. Usually classes are not in session and dormitories are vacant. Some Universities will allow student travelers to stay in the dorms for a nominal fee.

City-center Dining
Just like in large cities in the United States, dining in the center of larger cities in Europe you can expect to pay more for your meals. We advise walking a few minutes to a non-city center location. Normally you can find pubs, cafes and restaurants with more character and a traditional menu (at a more affordable rate).

Have 10 or more students traveling?
Students in groups of 10 or more can get group rates for their European travels. Not only will students save money while backpacking through Europe, but traveling in a group is fun! Check out our group offerings for student travel here.

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