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Ooops, now what?

For those students who fear the worst.we bring you some great advice on how to handle troubles while traveling or backpacking through Europe.

What happens if the train departs and I am not on it?
Though we rush and race to the station to catch our trains, sometimes, we arrive too late. Usually this isn't a major issue. If you should miss your train, simply look at the train departure schedule to see when the next one departs. Students traveling with a pass can simply hop aboard the next train (provided reservations are not required). If it is a high-speed train that you are taking, you will need to go to the ticket window and purchase a new reservation.

If you have time before the next train leaves, feel free to explore the rail station. Many of the stations in Europe are surrounded in beautiful architecture and some even have pieces of art to admire. Of course, you could also seek out a pub or caf´┐Ż for a pre-departure drink or snack too!

What do I do if my backpack containing my railpass/ticket is lost/stolen?
A downfall to any trip can come when belongings are misplaced or stolen. We can offer students some advice on what to do if their travel documents are lost or stolen. It's not an often occurrence, but it can happen.

Student travelers purchasing railpasses should take advantage of purchasing Rail Protection. Simply put, the Rail Protection plan provides compensation on either a point-to-point ticket or railpass that is lost or stolen while traveling in Europe. Under the Rail Protection Plan students will either be refunded for the unused portion of the lost or stolen railpass/ticket or the cost of the replacement railpass/ticket purchased in Europe.

The first thing students should do once realizing that their pass is missing or stolen is visit the local police station and fill out a police report. Be sure to get a copy of the report. Then, pay a visit to the local Eurail aid office for further assistance in purchasing a replacement pass or ticket. Click here for a listing of these offices.

If I have to cancel my trip, what do I do?
Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances arise and students sometimes need to change their plans. It is strongly advised that students read all refund and cancellation policies before purchasing travel documents.

In the event that a student must cancel their trip, all travel documents should be returned to the issuing office for any applicable refund.

If a student has begun their travels and needs to return home, any remaining rail tickets should be brought to the rail station and stamped "not used." Once the student returns home, the travel documents should be returned to the issuing office for any applicable refund.

I just got my tickets and need to ask, will I feel claustrophobic on Eurostar?
This is a very common question for students traveling on Eurostar. Many fear the portion of the trip in the "tunnel." You can relax! You will only be in the tunnel for about fifteen minutes. During this time, you can walk around, visit the bar-car and make some new friends. You'll be amazed at how quickly the ride goes!

On a side note, some students have found that with the change in pressure going into the tunnel, their ears "popped." It's advisable to keep some gum in your backpack for occasions like that.

There are so many stations, how do I know which one to go to?
If you are traveling with a reservation, the train stations should be printed right on the voucher. Simply look to see what station appears and then you can find it on a city map. If you have a railpass, you can look up train times and make reservations on our point-to-point page. When the results are returned you will see station names noted. Again, find the station on the map and you're all set!  

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