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What to pack

Let's face it, there are two types of travelers.those who pack light, and those who wish they packed light! Keep in mind while gathering your things and packing your bags that you will need to carry them throughout your travels.

Here's a list that we've compiled of things that students take with them when traveling 'round the universe.

Typically you should pack enough socks and undergarments for the duration of your trip. Of course, should you run out, you can always wash previously worn items in the sink of the hostel/hotel and leave them to dry overnight in a closet or the bathroom.

When it comes to packing pants and shirts, we find that students generally wear each garment 2-3 times during a trip. This helps save room in your suitcase and keeps the weight of the bag down. We recommend you roll your pants up to help reduce the amount of wrinkles in them. To help keep that fresh, just-washed scent, include a dryer sheet in your suitcase or backpack.

Most students traveling to Europe will walk many miles. Be sure you bring comfy shoes with you to help your feet adjust to all of the walking!

Place shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash and all other liquids and lotions in a plastic sealable bag, this will help keep your clothes from becoming moist during travel.

Nail clippers, razors and metal files should be packed in a suitcase that will be checked-in at the airport. These items are not permitted in carry-on bags.

If you are currently taking any kind of prescription medication, be sure to bring double the dosage you are prescribed to take. Also, you should have a note from your doctor available incase you should be stopped by security.

Keep in mind that Europe uses different electrical current than what we use in the US. If you intend on bringing electronics that need to be plugged in, you will need to invest in an Electronic Converter.* This will allow you to plug your electronics in using European outlets.

*There are different voltages, be sure to check the item you wish to plug in to see the voltage that should be used for it. This will avoid overheating and burning out the converter as well as your equipment.

Many students like to keep a journal with them while they travel. This is a great idea and a terrific way to capture your thoughts and feelings as they happen.

For students traveling with a Eurail brand pass, you should receive a Eurail Travelers guide, be sure to stick that in your backpack for reference. You may also want to consider a Frommer's or Rick Steves' travel guide if this is your first trip to Europe.

Make photocopies of your passport, credit cards and all travel documents. Keep these copies separate from your actual documents. In the event of loss or theft, you will be able to produce the copies to the US Embassy for their assistance.

Pack a simple first aid kit for yourself. Include a few bandages, aspirin and cotton swabs. If you are planning on backpacking to more southern locations, be sure to bring some sunblock with you to avoid painful burns after a day in the sun!

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